Calming Trio Pack (3)

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Calm Pets is the #1 natural & safe calming oil for pets worldwide.

Over 20,000+ pet parents choose Calm Pets every month for their pets. Reduce reactive behavior & promote calmness. Our facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado tests every batch for quality & effectiveness. Give Calm Pets a try today.

Calm Pets oil can be taken daily. We recommend a routine dosage for your furry friend. You can choose to use the dropper directly into your pets mouth or mix in with their food. Allow 20-30 minutes before seeing results. You may need to increase dosage overtime. If mixing in with food, increase dosage.  

100% money back guaranteed.


The Good Stuff


Calm Pets premium calming oil is perfect for your furry friend! Our formula is rated for any age older than 2 months. 

Calm Pets Premium Oil is meant to help your pet in the event of separation anxiety, loud noises, stress. Examples being thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuums, crates, or leaving them for extended periods of time. If you have a young puppy with the zoomies, this is also a great way to help them calm before bedtime!

Dosing Chart

If your pet is having trouble during thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises or being crate trained, this is the perfect natural calming oil for you. Minimal ingredients with a natural grassy / woody taste.

Calm Pets Calming Oil can be administered directly to your pets mouth via the dropper or mixed in with regular meals. You can even use something yummy like peanut butter or whipped cream to mix with!

Our calming oil is best used for these scenarios:

  • Leaving for work (separation anxiety)
  • Crate training
  • Reactive to stimulants such as strangers
  • Traveling such as car rides, airplane, train
  • Loud noises (Thunder, construction, fireworks)
  • Zoomies! (excessive energy before bedtime)
  • General anxiety & stress
  • Some pain reduction / inflammation

We recommend creating a habit and routine with our calming plan. You will see a significant improvement when used regularly. If you are looking to use Calm Pets oil only for certain situations, increase the dosage 1.5x


All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA and put together here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our team has been working with pets since 2016, offering high quality oils for pets worldwide.

The one of a kind elixir has 3 simple ingredients that you can actually pronounce: 100% natural, non gmo, vegan—and no, it won’t alter your senses, but take away those horrible shakes, anxiety, stress & calm your pup!

Before we send out any batch of oils, they are tested 3x in third-party labs.