Calm Pets is a unique natural solution to help with separation anxiety, general pain inflammation, the zoomies, traveling, loud noises, and reactive behavior. We are trusted by thousands of pet parents all around the USA.

Our bottles and packaging come with directions to get started. Dosage is mostly based off of your pups weight but also by severity.

Start with the recommended dosage from the label and then increase dosage over time. Reach out to our live chat if you have further questions.

Each bottle should last 30 days if used daily.

You can administer our oil directly into the mouth of your pet with the dropper or drip over food.

Most customers have found it easiest over a meal. Our calming oil has a natural woody / grassy taste.

You should see results within 30 minutes of dosage. You can give another dose as needed.

We ship to the US & UK and few other countries. If you can complete checkout, we can ship to you.